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I took a +13% +$550 win on SIEN Wednesday and will revisit this stock around $.20 for a move to $.30 again. No material updates to long-term LQMT. My overnight swing on FRZA continues to trade between $2.30-$2.60, is in play above $2.20 and I like it to the upper $2’s if it works. 

This morning the hot stocks I’m watching are DBGI from $.08-$.14, COMS from $.08-$.12, and STRY from $.30-$.50. 

DBGI will do a 1:100 reverse split effective tomorrow and it looks like their acquisition of Sundry to close in November will act as the catalyst for this to run. The float will be tiny after a 1:100 and the $20M in revs from Sundry is big relative to the market cap of $4.6M. 

I don’t see any news on COMS but it was very hot at the end of October so with the pump back in effect and range to $.12 attractive from where it’s at now, I’m watching it for continuation. 

STRY is an earnings winner from Wednesday morning and appears to be interested in selling the company. There’s a lot of range here to $1 and I don’t see a lot of downside below Wednesday’s close of $.28 so I’m looking for a swing here. 

If you missed my training session, you may not know why I am trading small cap companies.

That is OK, you can watch the replay.

Just fast forward to 2:30 and I will explain why my favorite market cap to trade is around $100 Million.

Don’t skip this! I think this is important information that you need to know in these markets.

Watch the Replay Now.

I believe in small bets and big moves. 


Jason Bond

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