I told you 2 weeks ago I didn’t trust Elon. Well, the market finally agrees! TSLA is down over 8% today and down over 20% since I told you I couldn’t trust the guy! You can read about it AGAIN here.

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Well, not only that, but Bullseye Unlimited Subscribers got this trade idea below last Monday, and those puts are up 450% since, in Just 1 week! Here was what the email I sent out looked like:

Bullseye alert

I gave the options contract, the stop, the target. I laid it all out. And this day was special, My Scanner actually gave 2 TSLA signals, one bearish TSLA and one bullish a TSLAQ, a bearish ETF(so double Bearish). But I stuck with the vanilla TSLA puts idea!

Here was what Happened:

TSLA trade recap

I gave you the idea at no cost 2 weeks ago. I laid out the exact trade Idea to Bullseye Unlimited subscribers last week. Well TODAY You’re in for something!

Idea generation powerhouse

I’m offering my flagship service to you for a whole month for just $7. That’s right, 7 bucks. Whether that’s 1 beer or a coffee you’ll have access to a trading professional, and hundreds of like minded traders in a community for $7 bucks. And access to the High Octane Scanner that gave me this SIGNAL! If you don’t like that, then you don’t like trading, or a deal!

Here’s What Members of Bullseye Are Saying:




Sign up Today While I’m Offering My Best Idea Generation service for just $7 for your First Month. All-in Trades like this don’t come around often take up this chance now Sign Up Here!

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