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If you missed 🚀 “Rocket Trades,” last week, my favorite alert was on COIN puts, which soared over 250% overnight. I love walking into bad news for a stock when I am short.

trade recap

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Last week with Bullseye Trades, I thought the alert of the week did very well.  As I expected, there was a strong bid all week long in tech stocks and SMH was a big beneficiary of it.  The options I alerted made a possible move of 90%. Just a tad shy of my 100% goal – but pretty darned great!

trade recap

I didn’t capture all of that move, of course, but I made a nice little profit on the trade myself.  I still think SMH should be on your radar.  There is a lot of momentum going for semiconductor stocks.

For this week, I am really on the fence when it comes to trading.  I think the market is going to rally for a little while longer, but a “rug pull” is likely coming where stocks will have a sharp, temporary correction.

I am going to hold my nose and continue to stay long on stocks though.

There is one tech stock that has been on my radar for a few weeks, and I think now is the time to get involved with it.

The company is Sea Ltd (SE).

SE has been on my “naughty list” for over a year as the stock plummeted from $350 to under $50.  The previous earnings report in November got it back on my radar, though. The report they had in early March really impressed me and the rest of the market, as the stock shot up over 22% after the earnings were released.

All timeframes look like a buy signal to me right now: hourly, daily, and even weekly.

I will walk you through everything I am seeing with the price charts during my live session @ 11am EST today so make sure you join us then!

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Even though I expect the overall market to pullback soon, there are not many stocks like SE right now.  I would not expect to see much of a dip there at all, and judging by the recent price action, I think those dips will get bought up.

If I am wrong, I am setting my stop with a closing price for the stock under $75, which has been the low on the hourly and daily chart recently.

If things go my way, I am looking to sell half of my position on a break above $90, and then I think $94 could come shortly after that.

Ultimately, I see this stock headed over $100 if the market can continue to drift higher.

My Trade Details:

  • SE Apr 14 2023 $85 Call near $3

  • Stop: Close below $75

  • Target 1: $90

  • Target 2: $94

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