On April 29, 2022, The Professor got Bearish the housing sector. He sent out his trade Idea to subscribers near the close of the session. On May 2nd I gave the pick out to readers of this blog, well since then, the market has been in the mud and the Professor’s pick is UP and you NEED to hear these details.

IYR up-trending chart

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Here is a detailed breakdown of the Professor’s Short Idea In IYR

The Professor has been Bearish on various stocks for weeks, and the market continues to crumble, although I think a bounce may be near

The Professor in front of trade listings

Here’s how the Professor decided shorting housing was a great Idea:

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IYR Daily Chart 

iyr daily chart

Trade Setup:

  • Break of Support: Break of support levels have bears piling into this trade to the downside.  This should accelerate the momentum to the downside as bears jump in.
  • TTM Squeeze: The TTM Squeeze is showing a dropping momentum histogram and a squeeze is being shown with 4 red dots at this time.
  • On Balance Volume: OBV bearish and trending lower from here showing a bearish divergence in the main chart.

Trade Details:

  • 20 MAY 105 Puts 

Now here’s what IYR ended up doing:

IYR chart showing downtrend

And Here’s what those put options have done: 170% in a couple of weeks!

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A Detailed Breakdown Of Why The Professor Thought IYR would fall

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