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One of the most exciting aspects of investing in startups is the thrill of being there at the beginning of a new project that may result in some fruitful future returns. But prior to the last decade, the chances of an individual investing in a company before it registered with the SEC were about 0% unless they were
an accredited investor. This essentially made investing in startups the privilege of the already wealthy while the rest of us were left in the dust.

Why Accredited Investor:
The logic behind establishing the title of the accredited investor was not meant to throttle the monetary power of the American people; rather, its goal was to protect them from losing everything. Naturally, investing in a private offering involves the possibility of loss, and the SEC thought it a good idea to establish a class of investors who’ve been proven to understand that risk and who also have the capital to lose. And thus, Rule 501 of Regulation D was born in 1982, ushering in the era of the accredited investor.

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In today’s article, we discussed how regulation crowdfunding opened the world of startups to the average investor.

I wanted to highlight a business whose life-changing technology could not have been possible without Reg C, ATOM LIMBS.

Unlike lower-limb amputees (LLA), upper-limb amputees (ULA) are about half as likely to wear a prosthesis. This is largely because they are unwieldy, ineffective, and uncomfortable.

ATOM LIMBS seeks to change that by incorporating AI, modern robotics, and modern wearable technology into its revolutionary designs.

Having achieved its funding goals via Wefunder, ATOM LIMBS is an excellent example of the power Reg C has to change the market and the lives of others.

In the words of found and CEO Tyler Hayes: *No one* should have to live with a permanent injury or disability. We have reusable rockets and electric cars… it’s time for artificial limbs.

Watch Wefunder’s spotlight video or check them out here!

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