As summer quickly approaches and barbecues are on the horizon (except for you, vegans), it seems appropriate to discuss an industry that no doubt affects your life every day: the business of food. It’s sometimes taken for granted, but with the world’s population growing every day, our food systems will likely face some serious challenges in the coming decades.

Initially, one might assert that having production meet increased demand for food products is the primary concern for the sector. However, the pandemic has taught us that systems can slow down, logistics can be put on pause, and mere access to goods can become a challenge for the consumer. Add in variables of environmental impact and sustainability, and we get a multi-dimensional challenge.

Featured Food Sector 🥑

The Food Sector has been Growing. (Pun intended)  In this article, we discuss 2 different types of food startups.

Today, I wanted to introduce how FULL HARVEST is bringing the food industry digital while trying to solve the food waste problem when it comes to farming.

The ​​USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) estimates that about 30 percent of food in the United States goes uneaten at the retail and consumer level.

FULL HARVEST takes imperfect crops and finds a buyer on their easy-to-use digital software.

This company saw an issue and created a gateway to help the supply-chain crisis regarding our food.

With a product like food, the shelf life is limited, and time is of the essence to get food to buyers.

Christine Mosley, Founder & CEO, vision:My vision is a world where there is 0% food waste and 100% ‘full harvests,’ where all edible produce grown goes towards consumption. We aim to reinvent the produce supply chain with technology to bring the industry online and maximize resources.”

Watch their video above or check them out here!

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