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Fintech is one of the fastest-growing sectors for startups and within tech. As bitcoin and blockchain technology continues to get more popular, and millions pile into crypto, it seems like an opportune time to dive into the history of fintech and where it’s going. After all, some of the best startup investors and entrepreneurs of the 21st century got their start in the fintech sector.


Fintech 1.0

While there were major developments between the 1860s through 1980s (that we’re dubbing Fintech 1.0) thanks to innovations by the Pantelegraph, Amex, and Barclays, for the sake of brevity, we’re going to skip ahead to the 1970s and start with a familiar face that is the Nasdaq.

🎉 Featured Fintect Sector 🎉

The Fintech sector is one of the fastest growing out there. Today I wanted to introduce ABC Fintech and how it’s creating an asset backed crypto (ABC) to provide investors with a more liquid way to own real estate.

ABC Tokens are digital securities, regulated by the U.S. SEC and backed by physical commercial real estate assets, reducing risk and volatility typical of most cryptocurrencies.

Commercial real estate has been notoriously illiquid. ABC Tokens will be listed on multiple secondary exchanges, providing ABC Tokens investors with a quick and easy way to divest at market value.

The value of ABC Tokens is underpinned by the Net Asset Value of the real estate portfolio. ABC’s portfolio is diversified across major asset classes (e.g. multi-family, industrial, office, retail and hospitality) and alternative sectors (e.g. data centers), giving token-holders diversification and thereby helping to manage risk.


For crypto enthusiasts, ABC provides stability by offering a security token that is truly backed by hard assets (our commercial real estate portfolio).


In Q4 2021, ABC sold security tokens to friends and family, closing on $3,000,000 of commercial real estate to validate the concept.

Watch their video above or check them out here!

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