In case you missed it, Business Insider published a great article earlier this week.

Insider Article

Like I’ve been doing for the past few years, this article exposed a few financial influencers for what they really are. 

And who took the brunt of the criticism?

None other than Ark’s Cathie Wood. 

The article provided a wonderful walk down memory lane of some of Cathie’s most fantastical predictions that, by now, may have ruined many of her followers.

This particular excerpt is priceless:

“Nowhere is this more clear than in Wood’s Ark Innovation ETF, one of the highest flyers of the bubble. Wood specialized in winning over retail investors with grand stories of the tech to come: decentralized finance, artificial intelligence, and crypto. She predicted that Tesla’s stock would rise to $4,600 and courted amateur traders to come join her on the ride to the future. It was wild, and people loved it: Investors in South Korea even nicknamed her “Money Tree.” In January 2021, the peak of the exuberance, the flagship exchange-traded fund sat at $137 a share. Since then, it has crashed to about $36. Without the tailwind of low borrowing costs, it became clear that the money tree was — and always had been — bare.

Wood’s open letter to the Fed argued that raising interest rates would cause painful deflation in our economy. I’m sure Chairman Powell was happy to read it, as deflation is actually the goal of this monetary policy. Hiking interest rates so fast that it crashes the economy is not ideal. But ignoring our inflation problem and allowing it to push up costs throughout the economy ad infinitum isn’t really an option the Fed can consider right now. It would help Wood’s portfolio, though.”

Picking sound trade ideas and educating folks on how to manage these ideas is what I’ve been doing for 20+ YEARS!

But yet, when judged in the modern-day court of public opinion, it appears I’m darn good at it.

Bullseye trades rating

You know what else?

There’s a TON of competition in this business…

And some of the biggest players are still getting their members caught up in CHASING hot stocks and letting drawdowns build during market sell-offs like we’re having this year.

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Do I have your attention now?

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