With the stock market pressing up against all-time highs, investors are on the hunt to find new sectors to jump into. One of those sectors which has gotten a lot of attention over the last two weeks is the gene-editing space. 


And several stocks in the sector have seen a massive spike in price. 

Is now the time to get in or is this a sell the news moment?

We breakdown five of the most compelling stocks in the space and give a technical chart breakdown. 


Near term- range 157.50 resistance, 162.50 breakdown point, 169.76 recent high

Bigger Picture View – 220 All Time high


Near Term- 54 break down point was prior support, 56.50 prior resistance, 59.89 recent high

Bigger Picture-  70 breakdown point, 87 major resistance, 99.95 all time high


Near Term- 165.65 breakdown point, 185.60 breakdown point

Bigger Picture- 202.73 all time high


Near Term: 123 breakdown point, 132 breakdown point, 138.08 recent high

Bigger Picture: 123 Major area of prior resistance, 138.52 All time High


Near Term: 583 gap fill, 585 range resistance, 592.69 recent high

Bigger Picture: 593 recent high, 620- 6 month high breakdown point, 640 Major area of resistance, 664.64 All time high

Bottom Line

Stocks in the gene-editing space have pulled back from their highs or are consolidating near their highs. This presents a great buying opportunity in a new sector that overall has not run as much as others and has plenty of room for growth after periods of consolidation.

Jason Bond


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