RE: Death of Urban Casavant To All CMKM Shareholders:

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Gods 2014-02-17 20:01
February 17, 2014
RE: Death of Urban Casavant
To All CMKM Shareholders:
Reliable sources have confirmed the death of Urban Casavant on February 14, 2014 as a result of complications from a routine hernia surgery a few days prior. Casavant’s passing has been reported in PalTalk rooms and on Proboards since Friday, and it is indeed true. 
It would not be appropriate for this company to publish any commentary about Casavant’s death that could be construed as celebrating or gloating. I have nothing good to say about Urban Casavant, as the evidence I have seen indicates that the man did many immoral and illegal things that have done great damage to our shareholder base of 50,000+ people. However, he was a human being with a family that is likely hurting at this time over the loss of a loved one.
In spite of his alleged wrongdoing, I hope that Casavant repented of his sins and received Jesus as his Savior prior to his death. If he did, he is in Heaven today – his wrongs covered by the blood of Jesus that was shed for us all. If he did not find that truth, then his eternal fate is far worse than anything we can imagine – only God can judge.
The entire situation is tragic, from the massive fraud committed by former insiders, to the suffering of 50,000+ CMKM/NHHI shareholders, to the early death of a man that we can neither celebrate nor commemorate. His family deserves common respect and the space needed to grieve over their loss. I encourage all CMKM/NHHI shareholders to extend this common and decent courtesy to the Casavant family.
I changed the name of CMKM Diamonds, Inc. in September, 2013 to get away from the sordid reputation of CMKM and the Casavant name. The events of recent days close another chapter in the long and arduous journey of CMKM/NHHI and its shareholders. We await the decision of Judge Scann in the Wells Fargo case, the extradition of John Edwards, and the impending criminal trial to follow. 
In spite of the damage done to this company and its large shareholder base, we still have a strong hope for the day when CMKM/NHHI will defy the extreme odds and become a valuable, profitable company that our shareholders can be proud of. I will post Judge Scann’s decision as soon as I get it. God bless you all.
Steve Kirkpatrick
nhhinow 2014-02-17 20:13
How come SK even talked about core samples???? It did not make any sense....If UC was a crook, he wouldn't give any sh....about KW or core samples and Tyler would have no relationship with Emerson Koch...
EricGreenField 2014-02-17 20:27

maybe SK was fooled?  

urban could have fooled a lot of people about the core samples simply to hold them off for one more year.  people do that sort of thing when they are desperate.  it's too bad urban couldn't work with SK or whoever to turn the tide against shorty.

i wish he would have because i know a lot of people would have backed his efforts.

to think the guy went under the knife and never even knew he had died.  that's gross.

you have to wonder if the fix was in on ol' URBIE.  someone switches the OX versus the OX2 tanks.  maybe it was one of our old posters that was a navy nurse that felt embarrassed after all those years of claiming he knew everything and how it was all going to work out. LOL

once the nurse found out he was a total putz, stup, fool and everyone realized it after reading his holier than thou diatribes he past along his request to another navy "friend" to do what's necessary during the operation.

maybe that's what all those guys on the conglomerate board meant when they meant.
nhhinow 2014-02-17 20:45
SK was fooled...and may be fooled again if he will mention about core sample again......why it took that long for SK and Tyler to realize that they were fooled by UC?

We need smarter CEO/CFO/BOD????
EricGreenField 2014-02-17 21:00
Amazing. Urbie is dead. So many counted on him to bring us through.  Now what?
EricGreenField 2014-02-17 21:00
Do people go after his family?
EricGreenField 2014-02-17 23:28
If SK is a self made millionaire and given himself over to this CMKX fiasco you would almost like to see him get on a plane and fly to Saskatoon to attend the viewing and memorial.

Which funeral home in Saskatoon is handling the service?

Maybe they'll have something on their web site allowing people to leave words of condolences. Now those will be interesting to read.
mij13 2014-02-18 00:29
Reply to #1980482
I can't find anything via web concerning death....anyhow life goes on
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whoever31 2014-02-18 00:51
I tied to find some news on Prince Albert Daily Herald. No news on UC from February 14th to February 18th.
mij13 2014-02-18 00:59
I can  only see this if true the family does not want it to be public  just incase some haters show up uninvited....... which would make sense
willyhalengel 2014-02-18 01:55
Reply to #1980379
SK is NOT A GOOD GUY IMO. You will never see a ROI via SK I don't care if he is a gazillionair. No chance in hell he can give us a ROI. It will go to his endeavors and atty fees imo.  I find his letter update offensive to the entire cmkx bonified longs!!!

Everyone is now toast!!!

Goodolboy 2014-02-18 08:12
RIH Urban.
wanderer2014 2014-02-18 08:32
First of all... kirkpatrick...I don't feel that there was a sordid anything surrounding Urban.  I DO however, feel a GREAT distrust of you.  You came in like you knew everything and I haven't seen anyone who thinks you know anything.  So please, since you've changed the name and I do thank you for that because it distances us from you, please refrain from posting on a board that you have nothing to do with.  All you know is what you've been spoon fed by frizzell and possibly west.  And any other of you that have a bad feeling about Urban, just let it go.  Only time will tell what has transpired without any of us knowing.  Especially since Robert A. Maheu was brought in as a co-director at one point in time.  Did you think that was also sordid on Urban's part?  Those of you who are, at this point in time, continuing to denigrate Urban, WHY are you even wasting time coming in here.  This is the first time I've posted in at least a year, and only because I see the scum ridden back biters attacking one that they once hailed as a Great Guy!!  What do you know about what's awaiting us?  I feel that those of you that are the attackers are just cowardly members of a mob.  A lynch mob.  Like those that have attacked people of a different color in past decades.  I feel you would have been the one throwing the rope over the limb. 
     Anyway, that's how I feel about those of you that have shown your true, two-faced personality.
Gods 2014-02-18 10:44
tell us wanderer since you're in the know....what is awaiting us.........
abby_cadaver 2014-02-18 12:16
Reply to #1980379
Rest in Piece you Peace O Shite!
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tuscan2012 2014-02-18 15:23

nice write...  brings out something that is needed...
it puts a wide berth between shareholders ... some 
who CLAIM they are.. and those that hated Urban 
and those that liked him.

the verbage is all over the boards... easy for a envoy 
to take good NOTES... you know,  validate and solidify
the Last of the   posting characters... see whos good
and who's bad.  Obvious READ that we all can see..

reminds me of when Robert Maheu's 'death' was announced..
ran swiftly through the gauntlet of obit to small funeral 
with NO word mentioned in the world of those who knew 
him for a lifetime.. 
that Moment in Time brought a new thought to the Bankers
and Monetary guys who had been put against the wall by
Maheu back then...
It appeared to me at that TIME that they all thought they 
WERE HOME FREE from any Jail Time or getting caught in their
decades of vile ways with him dying.  That they could carry on
per norm ..AND THEY RAMPED IT UP and went into the next move
which we saw in the years afterward was a plan to House the People
and then Pull the Plug on the same Mom and Pop and create the largest Housing Bubble ever instigated... and in doing they covered 
up the Ivory Tower Crap that had been going on for years.. 

But did they? 

did those Ivory Tower Boyz..Global Money Stashers think with it being stated that Maheu
had died that they could run amuck with NO OTHER 
MEN in the WINGS with enough 'clout and KNOW how like Maheu' to set the TRAP and KNOW what they Mongers would try... ? and I say  'try'... because that part was a given.. but look in years surrounding that escapade what OCCURRED and how many were OUTTED in the years to follow~

did SAYING Maheu died SET the TRAP?
yes, imo,... it set a snare that the arrogant fell smack into with hesitation.. all desperate to save their own neck..they fell into whatever was conjured for money flow.. Shoving ANY?ONE into a 
HOME that signed on the dotted line!

needless to say..matters not HOW the Money Mongers choose to do it... they thought they COULD and get away with it!

back to Urban... is he dead?  can any piece of paper be drawn up to 
make some think he is...or will we EVER KNOW??? if he is or isnt at this point?  NO, we will NEVER know...its over...

this is too much like Maheu dying at the most critical TIMING of the negotiation leverage TIME

imo, we WILL SEE something that  MEN capable of DOING  something about the months to come NEEDED to SEE....

if a few posters in cmkm can click ridiculous posts... imagine what is going on behind the Curtain of cmkm.. the Veil of Secrecy ALMOST
spilleth out into the Audience.

Long years have made some of cmkx'ers  able to understand the game..
the repetitive usage of things that are KNOWN to WORK

as for ....Urban... Maheu .. Stoecklein.... Wanta...and  those 
 who HAVE, imo, been here in the background.. working the 
Stock of a Lifetime...  

I choose to continue to stand by them..

as for Tyler and all its klowns that have come and gone and
are hanging around....I color them gone
tuscan2012 2014-02-18 15:40

you are a Pendalum swinging Swizzle Stick Stirrer of Confusion..

others here now have changed their names so they can hide
and VOICE their opinion including a SK glip that is so uncalled 
for and doofus like its unBELIEVABLE
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