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How to Buy The Dip

Coming into last Monday, there was a whole lot of fear in the market. The SPY was gapping down 2%, and everything on my screen was red. After doing my weekend reading, everyone was so freaking bearish! When market sentiment…
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Are Chinese Stocks Still Safe?

Investment in China really took off when technology made it easier to invest overseas with the advent of online brokerages and American Depository Receipts (ADR)…certificates representing shares in foreign companies, traded on the U.S. exchanges. And as China became an…
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When You Shouldn’t Go Long

Hello Trader, We are currently experiencing a HOT small-cap and low float environment. This week multiple low float names have moved 100% + intraday. Names like CEMI, IPA, NURO, just to name a few. These euphoric moves can easily cloud…
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The Hottest Trading Ideas