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Here comes the FED again, so “Strike while the iron’s hot!” – TSLA, AMZN, ETSY

Happy Monday Full Scope Trader! This week, I’ll be covering: Bulls are slowly building street cred ABNB, my BIGGEST mover EVER – From $0.29 to $6.85 – a 2,262% run in just over 24 hours! GOOGL – From $0.35 to…
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Is GOOGL on its way to being broken up, and will this result in Nancy Pelosi’s undoing?   Let’s dig in. To begin with, I can tell you that it often does not end well for companies that are in the…
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Is Something Big About To Happen?

I am about to reveal that one of the most widely followed technical signals may be about to get triggered. But first, it’s critical you truly understand what this signal means. When it comes to trading, knowing how your indicators…
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