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Kyle Dennis

The virtuoso of biotech stocks

At just 28 years old Kyle has already earned millions from trading biotech stocks alone. His unique background in biotechnology, finance, and technical charting, gives him special insight into the biotech sector, which he uses to win a significant amount of highly profitable trades.

Kyle’s mission is to teach investors and stock traders like yourself how to discover, track and evaluate today’s hottest biotech companies on your own, so you can start trading your own stocks for exceptional profits. In the last few years, Kyle has been featured on Yahoo Finance, Market Watch, The Street, Seeking Alpha and The Money Show to tell his remarkable story.

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Jason Bond

Winning swing trades

Jason is a self-made millionaire trader who left the corporate grind to trade professionally. He’s trained well over 10,000 paid members and is the #1 stock trading stock advisory service TrustPilot, which is the best member review site in the world. He’s co-founder of the trading education powerhouse, Raging Bull, and he’s been featured on Forbes, The Street, Huffington Post, Investing.com, Seeking Alpha as well as the floor of the NYSE.

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Jeff Bishop

Options trading made easy

Jeff Bishop is the founder of several popular financial education and trading websites including WeeklyMoneyMultiplier.com and RagingBull.com. Jeff is a multi-millionaire trader with nearly 20 years of experience under his belt. He dabbles in virtually every aspect of the market but has a special gift and passion for trading options and ETFs. While he maintains a disciplined approach to the markets, he’s also not afraid to make the big bets and swing for the fences when he thinks there’s an edge on a trade.

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Petra Hess

Manage your risks

Petra Hess of PetraPicks.com is a technical swing trader and long-term investor in U.S. and Canadian stocks and ETFs. She apprenticed as a blacksmith, traded horses throughout Europe, ran one of the largest ostrich farms in Canada, and sold beauty products online and in national television campaigns, all before starting her career as an investor and trader.

In her business, Petra has always aimed to be ahead of the fad and the curve. She applied that to her trading when she started in 2009, just as the financial crisis was chasing many others out of the market. She started her trading service in March of 2017.

Petra lives in Ontario, Canada; when she’s not examining stock charts and planning what to trade next, she can be found with her two rescue dogs – a border-collie cross and an Australian-shepherd cross – working to help, save and train other animals.

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Jeff Williams

Penny Stock Trading

Jeff Williams is lead trader at PennyPro.com, a former educator who is properly equipped to teach you everything you need to know about the world of cheap stocks. Over his 15 years as a trader, he has taught thousands of entry-level and experienced traders day- and swing-trade penny stocks, small-caps and options. Like the educator he is, Jeff focuses on process, helping traders understand the inner workings of penny stocks and how to separate real low-priced investments from cheap, garbage fakeouts.

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Davis Martin

Day Trading

Davis Martin of DailyProfitMachine.com is a seasoned trader and the featured options expert of the Raging Bull community. Every morning, premarket, he provides a “trade of the day” to help subscribers profit in 30 minutes or less; he also alerts three to five low-risk and easy-to-follow swing trades per week using options on stocks and index ETFs as his trading vehicle for maximum returns.

Davis prefers options because they can deliver profits in both green and red markets, so that no matter which way the market is moving or what sectors or stocks are heating up or cooling down, there’s something for him to trade – and to mentor his subscribers on — every day. Davis is a “double Eagle,” having earned both a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s degree in business administration with a concentration in finance from Boston College. He lives with his wife and young son in New England, and regularly annoys colleagues Jeff Williams and Taylor Conway by reminding them of the success of the New England Patriots.

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